Jan 11 2011
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Though I already posted this song on my Facebook I felt the need to repost it because of how influential I believe Skrillex will be in the upcoming electronic/remix scene. Skrillex aka Sonny John Moore is a 22-year-old from LA who’s claim to fame is the hardcore band From First to Last. This hits home for me considering From First to Last’s Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count  (2004) and Heroine (2006) played a large role in my hardcore-loving years. “Failure by Designer Jeans”, “Ride the Wings of Pestilence” and “The Latest Plague” were my favorites, eliciting the sort of hormonal teen angst in which every high schooler feels, whether they like it or not.

Sonny John Moore left From First to Last in early 2007 to pursue a solo career and by June 2010 had released his first EP My Name is Skrillex, only after providing vocals for hardcore band Bring Me the Horizon as well as embarking on a variety of other musical endeavors. By summer 2010 Skrillex released Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites on Mau5trap Recordings. The rest is history.

What is unique and interesting about Skrillex’s sound is the fact that he does everything in his power to create an actual being out of his music. In “Kill Everybody” he makes a purpose to take a variety of warped speech and noises to create an auditory monster. This monster creates visions of destruction and death, all the while maintaining a steady bass line that keeps the listener hooked and ready to dance. The rest of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites does a fine job of maintaining that grotesque monster sound, infusing a splash of dramatic dubstep to upbeat melodies. 

Skrillex’s vision of creating a being out of sounds is forward-thinking and outside of the box. His ability to evoke such a powerful image and presence is nearly unprecedented in a world rife with trite minimal and Deadmau5-esque imitators. I have a feeling Skrillex is going to hit the electronic music scene even harder than he did when he was in From First to Last. This EP deserves a listen and definitely a place on every electronic connoisseur’s party playlist! 

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